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Experience the Ultimate Java Rush of Smooth Feel Good Energy & Focus !

Happy Monkeys was specially made for coffee lovers who want the rush of a good cup of Joe, but without the nervousness, jitters or crash from standard coffee.

Each cup of Happy Monkeys delivers a euphoric energy experience thanks to a smooth full-bodied Brazilian Gourmet Medium Roast Coffee Bean infused with 10mg of Full Spectrum THC Free CBD Rich Hemp Extract!  This is now the healthiest way to kick-start your day while nourishing your body with the health benefits of CBD:

  • Smooth & Sustained Energy

  • Euphoria & Heightened Focus

  • Improved Mood & Well Being

  • Supports an Overall Healthy Lifestyle

  • 100% THC Free All-Natural Product

  • May Cause Excessive Smiling!

After just one cup and you'll know why we call this Happy Monkeys!

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