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The Ingredients

The original conceptual idea for TAO Ultra Nootropic was to create a single tablet that can take a healthy individual and elevate their level of functioning without harmful drugs, chemicals, side effects. The difficult part is making a healthy nootropic that is ‘effective’. A very precise combination of ingredients created an optimal environment for this to happen with the product.

Every ingredient in the product has a purpose and works synergistically, and many of the ingredients are dosed at a clinically studied milligram level (at 2 tabs per day).

We start with Alpha-GPC to increase brain choline levels, add a small amount of Huperzine that slows the breakdown of this choline. Just enough to be effective but not too much where long term you can get side effects. Add N-Acetyl Tyrosine to optimize dopamine and mind-muscle connection. PurEnergy which is a super efficient caffeine bonded to pTerostilbene making for an ultra efficient time released caffeine. TeaCrine added at clinical dose level is highly effective for neuro-focus and anti-anxiety, theanine to help increase alpha brain waves (the calm, yet alert state of being in the zone), B-6 for absorption, B-12 (in methyl form) for neuro protection, green tea (in certified USDA organic form) to work synergistically with theanine and alpha wave state. Vinpocetine to negate the negative effects of caffeine on the brains oxygen uptake. Caffeine has been shown to decrease oxygen to the brain by up to 30%, vinpocetine can increase oxygen uptake and offset this.



Alpha-GPC (Alpha-glycerophosphocholine) Choline is vital for healthy live function and brain development. It aids in nerve signaling, maintenance of brain cell membranes and memory. Ultra Human uses this particular form of choline because it has been shown to be over 40% more bioavailable than any other Choline source. We do not use the cheaper, more common Choline Bitartrate form that many other companies use because it’s of lesser quality and poor bioavailability.



It’s a cognitive enhancer that inhibits an enzyme that degrades the ‘learning neurotransmitter’, Acetylcholine. Hence it slows the breakdown of choline, keeping the levels high. Correct Huperzine dosing is critical and we incorporate a very specific and proprietary amount of Huperzine that is effective to hit that sweet spot. Too low of a dose will not be effective, too high of a dose can lead to negative side effects and increased tolerance.



We have become a caffeinated nation and this just simply isn’t functional. Moderate-high doses of caffeine can actually negate and lower the amount of oxygen reaching the brain causing massive distress. TAO Ultra Nootropic contains a solid dose of Vinpocetine which has been shown to actually increase oxygen to the brain and dismiss the negative oxygenation downfall of caffeine.



It is an essential vitamin for the proper functioning and development of the brain and the nerve cells. It plays an important role in the maintenance of the sheaths that cover and protect the nerves of the central and the peripheral nervous system, ensuring proper and faster nerve-impulse transmission. Ultra Human doesn’t use a standard B-12. We use MethylCobalamin which is not only the superior absorption form, but it also doesn’t use the lethal Cyanide chemical to produce it.


Green Tea Extract works great for anti-oxidant support and health but through research we are convinced that Whole Actual, Certified USDA Organic Green Tea (like the form used in TAO Ultra) works best for a nootropic and its cognitive function. It has been shown to increase alpha brain waves leading to a calm yet alert state more commonly known as being in “The Zone”.



This is the more expensive and bioavailable form of Tyrosine. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and you need fewer milligrams making it efficient. It can assist in keeping natural dopamine levels up and optimizing neurotransmitter function leading to better mind-muscle connection for both mental drive and physical performance.



If caffeine is gasoline, TeaCrine is jet fuel. TeaCrine is a patent-pending Nature-Identical compound found in natural sources such as the Camellia kucha tealeaf, coffee and certain exotic fruits. It has the energy boosting effects similar to caffeine without the jitters, the crash and the habituation that often accompanies caffeine. The energy boosting effects of TeaCrine have been shown to last hours! TeaCrine has a multi-pronged effect that is ideal for demanding athletes, body builders and driven professionals who want to strive to attain peak performance. Based on preclinical and human clinical research, TeaCrine enhances the mind/muscle connection, which facilitates a wide range of healthy functions including supporting a positive mood, increasing mental focus and energy, neural drive, and motivation to exercise, while decreasing feelings of fatigue. TeaCrine is a Patent Pending ingredient contractually licensed to the Ultra Human brand.



An amino acid derived from green tea that increases alpha wave state, keeping you calm and less anxious yet still alert. This is key to optimal functioning.



It is a contractually licensed ingredient that is an Ultra Efficient Caffeine Co-Crystal bonded to Pterostilbene, a blueberry extract. It lengthens the Focus effects by multiple hours, with no crash, no jitters.



Added to the formulation to create a more well rounded and complete Nootropic. Many people are mineral deficient causing poor neurological body function etc.

  • Dosing Protocol

  • TAO Ultra Nootropic (formerly known as The DaVinci), is a revolutionary state of the art masterpiece in human functional technology, and is unlike anything you have consumed in the past. What you are holding right now is a True Human Performance Enhancer, ideal for entrepreneurs, athletes, bio-hackers, and just about anyone looking to unlock their potential and rise above.

  • Even though it is the most advanced nootropic in the world, the good news is TAO Ultra is very simple to use. Just take 1 tablet in the morning or early in the day. The effect is not overbearing for most, as the concept of TAO is not like an over caffeinated stimulant or pre-workout product. TAO Ultra was designed to put you in a clear, creative zone of free flowing mental energy for up to 8 hours, so we also don't advise taking it too late in the day.

  • 1 Tablet is a full serving and what we and most consumers consider to be the "perfect" dose. However, larger or more experienced individuals, may consume 1.5-2 tablets when a more pronounced effect is needed. TAO's dissolution rate (how fast the tablet breaks down) is extremely fast compared to most other tablets on the market to assure that you are getting the full nootropic dose. you will also notice that the tablet is firm, but can easily be broken by hand for those wanting to take in 1/2 tablet increments.

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