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Ultra Human Amino Code Dragon Berry
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The Ingredients

We had one goal with Amino Code… to make the cleanest and highest performing Amino product in the world. We combined ultra high grade amino acids in precise ratios with high absorption mineral electrolytes and coconut water to bring you a new generation of True Performance. Amino Code is a great tasting drink that can be taken pre and post workout for lightning fast recovery.

It was designed with 5 specific guidelines:

  • Make a Professional Strength, Doctor Recommended product available to our clients at a killer price.

  • Use ONLY the highest grade raw materials.  

  • Build it in EXACT ratios for optimum human muscle tissue recovery and NNU (net nitrogen utilization)

  • Make it squeaky clean - NO artificial sweeteners or dyes.   

  • It must mix instantly and taste amazing.


Ultra High Grade Amino Acids

When you mix a serving of Amino Code, you’ll immediately know that you’re drinking a premium product. Many of our clients comment on how fine the powder is and how easy it mixes. Unlike most other companies, this is what you get with premium grade raws.


Coconut Water

Also known as ‘god’s gift for hydration’, Coconut water has been added to Amino Code for its naturally occuring electrolytes and superior ability to hydrate the body eliminating cramping, poor muscle contraction and compromised mental performance.


High Absorption Mineral Electrolytes

Ultra Human doesn’t use just any mineral electrolytes… it uses only the best. Period. Using aspartate, malate and bisglycinate forms of minerals is extremely expensive but the absorption is far superior. We never compromise.

And The Final Ingredient... NONE!

Contains NO Artificial Sweeteners, colors, dyes, flavors, preservatives!

Sugar Free, Gluten Free and GMO’s Free!

Dosing Protocol:

Let's start by saying - near 100% absorption means almost flawless efficiently with little to no waste, so a little goes a long way. Amino Code can be taken any time, any place. For maximum results we suggest the following protocol:

Beginner or 100-150lb: 1/2 serving before workout, 1/2 serving after workout.

Intermediate or 150-200lb: 1 serving before workout, 1 serving after workout.

Professional or 200lb+: 1 serving before workout, 1 serving during workout, 1 serving after workout.

Directions: Mix 1 serving in 10-12oz of cold water and consume immediately post workout. For optimal results, consume an additional serving 15-20 minutes prior to, or during workout. High performance athletes may take additional servings as desired in between meals to ensure proper amino acid supplementation.

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Ultra Human Amino Code  Dragon Berry
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