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Heal most of all, Spare
time to let your soul
free, Let nature cure
to be pure.

In the memory of my late father

“It felt like losing a single beat of the heart when you see someone close to you, leave the world with no cure”. Let us take you a hundred years back when our forefathers started something with a passionate group of people. They worked a day in and out to heal people with natural herbs. The idea behind starting this whole set up is conventionally inspired by the earlier historical events. In following the tradition, our team believes to not offer something which influences the market but we work to make people’s health a wealth. If you put a glance at our brand trademark, you would get a clear image of what we truly depict. Mortar and pestle symbol portrays the idea that we urge to manufacture the products based on herbal research and THC free.

We Are Athersapothcary

Being aware of the power of hemp CBD, we have manufactured our products to facilitate people who are struggling with different pains. Athersapothcary vision is to educate and influence everyone with the hemp-based medicinal treatment. It has been a wonderful experience of covering miles starting from brief research, expert analysis, extraction and ending to positive feedback.

What Do We do?

Over an inspirational idea, our expert team has input countless efforts and dedicated their lives to industrial farming processes. To improve the impression of CBD products, we worked and consulted many private groups and seek them to produce something innovative. It is a kind of reward for us when the number of products and wellness programs of Athersapothcary are being used today. Most importantly, our CBD products are THC-free results in the enrichment of your mind and body. We truly believe that all of our products are tested and available in pure form to give a pleasing experience to our clients.

Our Partnership

We feel honored to be in partnership with ‘SELFHELPWORKS’, to educate people and to take them out of the chains of stress, pain, and uncontrolled addictions. Wellness programs are designed under the survey of psychologists, doctors, and experts. Looking deeply into past events, we are trying our level best to prepare people to get rid of all types of addictions. Our vision is to let people discover their own personal identities and to opt for anything in their lives with the free stress less soul. Therefore, hemp CBD products and wellness programs are at your service to not only fuel your body with a positive change but soul too.